HIGH Altitude 4×4 Truck camping

There is no better way for me to charge my batteries than spending time on the trails. Sometimes it’s a backpacking/hiking trail and other times it’s a 4×4 trail. This past weekend we hit a new trail that we found after studying maps and making a list of possible destinations. After a little more research and reading some online forums, we settled on what might be one of my favorite campsites we’ve ever stumbled upon.

We left right after work on Thursday and rolled into camp at 7:00 pm. We got there at the perfect time because within 15 minutes, there were three other groups that were pulling in for the night. According to one camper we met, we scored “the spot.” It was lakefront and under a few trees that provided some good shelter from the afternoon sun.

In this video, we share more from our little weekend camping trip where we hike, make some delicious meals in the Dutch oven, and relax under the starry skies.

Our pop-up truck camper home at 9,400′ for the weekend.
It was a full moon, but before the moon rose, we were able to take in the beautiful milky way.
The road is definitely not for the faint of heart. According to some campers that have been coming here for years, this is “groomed.”
This might be one of the most beautiful slices of paradise we have hiked to. No one around but the frogs.
Headed home and over the creek crossing.

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