Forever Adventuring: Looking Back at 2015

Do you notice anything different? No. That’s okay. I’ll tell you anyways… new year, new blog name!

When I first started this little blog over a year ago, I had two main purposes: complete a project for my MBA class and share my passion for running and, well, eating. That’s when the site was born. It was a combination of running stories and adventures in the kitchen cooking healthy, paleo recipes to keep me going.

Over the course of the following year, this little way to share some of my passions turned into so much more. I spent the summer backpacking and hiking to the tallest peaks in the area, and continued to blog about it along the way (even in the absence of a professor assigning me blog posts for homework). This silly blog became an outlet to reflect on the adventures I’ve had, share them with family and friends, and hopefully inspire some others along the way.

After thinking about that a little more, I thought it was the right time to change things up a bit and give this site a new name. Something where I didn’t feel limited to just running and cooking. Something that encapsulated everything I am passionate about, without being the longest website address you have ever seen. So, it is. I live to hike, run, snowboard, summit peaks, backpack, camp, travel, and explore. Same site, same adventures, just a shiny new name to go with it.

So, what got me to this point? Well, first off, looking back at what a kick-ass year 2015 was. Here is my year-end review.


When I look at the things I did and places I saw last year, it only gets me even more excited for what 2016 has in store! Do you have any big plans for 2016? How are you going to make it your best year yet?

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