Week-end Rewind: 6/8 – 6/14

I had my first big race of the season yesterday, The Lake Tahoe Relay! It was a very hot day for Lake Tahoe, with temperatures in the 80s, but I still managed to finish about :30/mile faster than my goal! I was fortunate enough to run with a team of inspiring and fun coworkers and friends, which made for a great day. Above is a picture of some of us above Emerald Bay. I captured our day on video and will be putting together a post for you with a race recap. Stay tuned and make sure to follow my blog to get notified when that is up.

Next weekend, I am looking forward to the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon and am going to be taking it pretty easy this week as far as training goes. I did the same last week to make sure that I was well-rested for two back-to-back weekends with races over 10 miles. I think my strategy is paying off and I felt pretty good going into yesterday’s race. Below is what last week looked like for training:

  • Monday 6/8 – Easy 6 mile run, 10:02/mile pace.
  • Tuesday 6/9 – 30 minute tempo run. I struggled with this one and really only did about 20 minutes at the pace I was hoping (9:00/mile).
  • Wednesday 6/10 – Rest day and dentist. Yay!
  • Thursday 6/11 – Easy 2.5 miles on the Flume trail with my pup.
  • Friday 6/12 – Rest day.
  • Saturday 6/13 – Race day! 10.3 miles at 9:25/mile pace.
  • Sunday 6/14 – Rest day. Pretty sore from the race so I took it easy with a relaxing day on the Lake paddle boarding.

Total running miles: 21.8 miles

Total paddling miles: 2 miles

Next week, I plan on having a similar schedule, although my run tomorrow will probably be only about 4 miles. I’m also planning on making sure to get adequate stretching and foam rolling. As much as I hate the foam roller, I know that it is a huge help in recovering and working knots out.

That’s the plan, hopefully all goes to schedule. Lucky me is schedule to report for jury duty tomorrow, so hopefully I am not sequestered somewhere. I am all about performing my civil duty, but it would be nice if they could plan that around your racing and work schedule. Geez. How inconsiderate.

What are some of the other ways you try to recover quickly from a race? Share any of your favorite home remedies in the comments.

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