Motivation Monday and the Best Medal Hanger. Ever.

Who’s ready to seriously kick some butt this week? I am! To be honest, last week was a little rough for me. I had a lot going on at work, it was the first week back at school after Spring Break, and I just didn’t have any motivation to run. None. I got in two runs the entire week. Neither of which were over 3 miles and both of which were without a care in the world for pace. Now, I am not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing. From time to time and I think it is important for runners or anyone who works out regularly to take a week of easier workouts so you can come back the next week stronger than ever. There are two key things in that last sentence. First, a week, as in only one week. If a break goes any longer than that, it can be hard to get back on the running wagon. Secondly, easier workouts, as in you are still doing something, but just not at the same level as your normal training. If you take a complete hiatus, it is that much harder to get going again. Remember, My First Step in the Hardest post. That is exactly what I am talking about.

So my training plan wasn’t exactly on point last week, but I did have some very special things happen that motivated me to take on this next week stronger than ever.

For starters, I had a nice little weekend getaway to see some amazing athletes race. These athletes are the fastest, strongest, most beautiful creatures I have ever seen race. Although they have a mind of their own and aren’t always the most predictable, they are respectable for the sheer determination they put into each and every race. Yes. I am talking about horses. I was invited to Los Angeles for the weekend to watch some family friends’ horse race at Santa Anita. We were lucky enough to go see some of their other horses workout in the morning, and then went to the races for the afternoon. The entire time I was watching these beautiful thoroughbreds run, I couldn’t help but think about the parallels between runners and race horses. We both run because we can. We both put our heart and soul into every workout. We both sweat like crazy. We both want to win. And we both get put out to pasture when our glory days are over. It is humbling to think that racing is all these amazing animals live for and even then, they still have setbacks. But with will and determination, both species can pull through. That is what is on my mind this next week.

IMG_9877The next motivating thing arrived in my mailbox on Friday. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and it might just be the best medal hanger to ever be created. I ordered this about a month ago and have been checking my mail every day in hopes that it would be waiting for me. Maybe it took so long to come for a reason, because when it did, was exactly when I needed it. Going through all of my old medals and hanging them up one by one on my shiny new hanger, reminded me of every race and the story that went behind it. Whether it was a story of victory, a story of defeat, a story of training my ass off, a story of traveling to a destination, or a story of being with family, friends, and motivating people, each medal was a flashback to why I have loved running for so many years.  Not to mention, I really do have a thing for beer (maybe not PBR, I prefer a craft IPA, but in a pinch… PBR fits the bill). I thought it was fitting and reminds me that I can have an occasional beer, and drink it, too, when I balance it with a solid running plan. So now my medals are out of the drawer they were in and hanging on my bedroom wall for me to see and be inspired by everyday. I can’t wait to put some 2015 bling on it!

How do you get motivated when you need it most?

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